Exeter Paintball Equipment

Exeter Paintball Equipment

Paintball Exeter

Full Face Protection THE ONLY SITE IN DEVON to use V Force Shield Wide Vision Anti Fog Goggles –  A vital piece of equipment and so are provided at no extra cost. New Anti Fog Goggles, Far superior to your average site goggle! Special adaptive lense, Mist Free System, with wide field vision lense, standard with all our goggles, as well as larger goggles for people with glasses. Goggle cleaning equipment all included.

Padded Camouflage – two-piece overalls with hoods are available to all our players. These help reduce the impact when hit. These suits are also very well camouflaged for the surrounding area and can make you almost blend into the background. Large Overalls also available.

Paintball Gun – An easy to use state of the art paintball gun. This gun is comfortable to carry and use and lightweight, dual trigger for rapid fire.  The standard inferno gun is used on 80% of paintball sites, We use the Inferno T3 an upgraded version with extra features like dual trigger and front grip, very reliable in the field and can be stripped in seconds if a blockage occurs – this means the play never stops! –

Upgrade GunsTHE ONLY SITE IN DEVON to have a massive stock of Tippmann X7 Paintball Markers.  Super accurate and rapid fire unto 18 balls per second!  These guns are the best on the market costing over £300 per gun.  We can upgrade your whole team or just individuals.

Organiser Deals

We appreciate how hard it is to organise a session, for this we reward the organiser. Book 10 + Players and the organiser plays for FREE with the same package as booked, or book 18+ players and get 2 FREE players.

All Packages include All Equipment, Anti Fog Goggles, Free Tea & Coffee, Padded Overalls, Free Goggle Cleaning, Latest Paintball Marker.

Only £10pp Deposit To Book – free online booking system allowing individuals to pay there own deposits! Normal morning start time 9.30-10am, afternoon 1pm – timings can be flexible call for info – 01392 925 013

Optional Extra’s

Additional Paintball Prices
100 £7.50 - 500 £34.00
1000 £65.00 - 2000 £120.00

Upgrade Guns X7 £7.00

Large Smoke Grenades & Flash Bangs
£3.50 each or 3 for £9.00
Paint Grenades
£4.50 each or 3 for £12.00

Armoured Glove Hire £2.50

Drinks & Snacks £1.00

Call To Book Or Enquire 01392 925 013